The Rigoni family has been honey experts for almost a hundred years. Thanks to their incredible experience and to the highly-skilled beekeepers who work with them, Mielbio has always been synonymous with the highest quality.
This Italian organic honey is processed at room temperature so as not to affect its original composition, precious properties and characteristic flavor.
The varieties for the organic honey come from the best regions in Italy, whether monofloral or multifloral, from beloved classics to the most exotic ones.
The liquid or creamy consistency lets you enjoy all of its full, intense flavour.

Acacia (liquid)
Chestnut (liquid)
Orange (creamy )
Eucalyptus (creamy)
Wildflower honey (creamy)
Linden (creamy)
Mandarin (creamy)
Miele  di Asiago (creamy)
Mountain honey (liquid)
Wildflower honey (liquid)
Lemon (creamy)

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